The only constant factor about life on earth is its constant, changeful nature of all things. The extinction of the mortal human, and conquering death by doing so, wouldn’t be an exception to this unwritten rule. Even if it would be the consequence of our own innovation.
This potency of an unlimited life, has gained a more realistic image throughout the years. Recognizable by its super intelligent physique and uploaded brain.

But how familiar is this face to us mortals? How do we actually feel towards the AI age characterized and rapid, ambiguous evolution of life?

In other words, who do we think we are, when death is deceased?

Picture of the installation, taken during the WdKA Graduation Show 2018

I am fascinated by the human sentiment towards technological, social or political developments we’re righteously unable to grasp onto in its first precarious state. The habit of lacking understanding for evolution is often confused with ignorance. My visualisations proclaim to be a validation of this feeling: let’s talk about the topics on ‘Humanity’s new agenda,’ or actually our agenda, in order to understand them.

The Willem de Kooning graduation project “Unlimited life in 2048,” is an animated, audio-driven exploration of the human sentiment towards the immortal near future in which we might not even be present. Check the complete animation here. Or in the video down below – English subtitles available in settings. 

The animation was nominated for Research & Hybrid Publishing Awards 2018 and the Drempelprijs 2018 at the Willem de Kooning Academy.

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