Laura van der Steen (1991) is a visual narrator. Ever since she was young, she was smitten with words. Keeping journals, recording conversations, creating fictional magazines and interviewing relatives for no given purpose. She was a curious kid, who preferred speaking to the head of the circus, rather than watching the tiger fly through the hoop.

The journals did not contain just words, but we’re accompanied by drawings. The paperwork filled with text and visuals expanded to maps, books and even canvas. And so did the urge to combine words with images.

In 2012 she completed her Bachelors Degree in Journalism, and was an editor in television for several years. In 2018 she completed her second Bachelors Degree in Arts, cum laude, at the Willem de Kooning Academy while doing freelance work in Visual Design for an animation company in Amsterdam.

Her interest lies in the human sentiment towards technological, social or political developments we’re righteously unable to grasp onto in its first precarious state. The habit of lacking understanding for evolution is often confused with ignorance. Her visualisations proclaim to be a validation of this feeling: let’s talk about the topics on ‘Humanity’s new agenda,’ or actually our agenda, in order to understand them.

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