My name is Laura van der Steen (1991), and I’m a (data) visualizer, illustrator, editor and journalist.

Born and raised in the south of the Netherlands, I always had the time and space to fill my mind with creative ideas and imaginations that mostly resulted on a piece of paper and eventually on the refrigerator door. Throughout my life, I’ve always had a set of brushes and crayons laying around, and the paperwork on the fridge expanded to maps, books and even canvas.

Nonetheless, as a grown up I decided to do what’s best: Pick a solid education, internship and job. I decided to study journalism, which turned out to be a very good choice. My mind is not limited in visual ideas, but also has a way of working with words. I love words, and therefore I love to create in writing too.

I graduated, received my Bachelor of Journalism, and started working for SBS Broadcasting, a dutch TV-network, and at the KLM Social Media department – both based in Amsterdam.

After doing that for quite some time, I decided at 22 that I missed the south of the Netherlands and my crayons.

I assigned for Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, moved back, got accepted, and now study Illustration (bachelor of Design) for the 3rd year. Hurra!

My orientation is to combine both qualities: Writing and visualizing. My interest lies within data visualization regarding the evolving life of the human being. You could somewhat say I’m a semi cultural anthropologist, with an eye for detail and a mind for numbers.

Even though my story is already quite far, I’m never ever done developing. If you’re interested in the upcoming chapters, please contact me or seek out to this site every once in a while. To see what I’ve been up to more, click right here.